Family, generational communication, hot showers (TGP Musing 1)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 1

I’m so very, very grateful for Sus, Daya, Faiz, and Rumi – the most beautiful, amazing souls on earth (it’s a joyous wonder to me that they still keep me around as their pet lout).

I feel grateful for the beautiful conversations Daya is starting to have with her grandparents from the south Indian, Tamil side of her family, way across continents and oceans, in Bangalore – via the visual interface of video cameras and chat programs on our cell phones. It’s certainly nice to know that technology can occasionally create beautiful moments in our lives.

I sure as hell feel grateful for my health and fitness – not to mention the good food, hot showers, and privileged-ass, first-world–city-with-parks-and-greenery lifestyle.

(PS: hot showers are one of those luxuries we who indeed live in the more privileged parts of the world likely take for granted like there’s no tomorrow – and if you really think about it, tomorrow exists only in theory as of now, so I’m going to enjoy them hot showers while I can – but I sure as fuck am thankful for them too.)



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