On being a pet lout to great souls, num nums, a good view (TGP Musing 4)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 4

I have never known a happiness, so deep and rich,  as well as a resiliency, so strong and unbowed, as that which emerges from the love and knowledge Sus and Daya bestow upon me.

(I think it’s as succinct as I can be in a sentence to describe just how lucky I feel to have the family I have.)

You know, I think I don’t express enough gratitude for the food we eat. Potential dangers from industrial farming aside (which can often be avoided with some mental application) we certainly have access to a lot of fruits and vegetables, not to mention a variety of proteins (vegetarian and carnivorous alike) as well as decent whole grains. A good majority of the world don’t eat the way we do, and that’s fucked up, because everyone should. We eat good, with a low enough carbon footprint wherein I know at least 10 billion human souls, if not more, can be fed on relatively little global, arable land (I’ve done the math to satisfy myself – but you are more than welcome to have a go with the nerdy numbers shit) if we just learnt to all fucking share and share alike.

I’m grateful for perspective. It can be humbling.


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