Community, our feline kin, bone broth (TGP Musing 5)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 5

Perhaps we live in an unprecedented age of misogynistic violence, imperialist plunder, colonial domination, and environmental destruction – or perhaps we live in an age of global mass nihilism and masochism (brought on, no doubt, by misogyny, imperialism, and colonialism) coinciding with an information explosion few generations past have seen.


I am grateful that Sus and I (and all our brilliant little ones, filled with love and light) strive to build nurturing communities in the midst of all this shit.

Indeed, it further serves to remind me that I really am grateful for my feline bffs, Faiz and Rumi – brothers and soul mates for life they will forever be.

On a slightly different and altogether mundane topic, I must say that the easy availability of bone broth (chicken or turkey – bless their sacrifice and their souls) has worked wonders for the fam – easy source of protein, collagen, minerals, and goodness.

Who’d have thought?

(I am fast beginning to take on a fit and healthy persona that I probably would have wanted to smack in the face a few years back.)


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