The realization this world is yours and mine (TGP Musing 5.5)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 5.5

I’m grateful for always standing tall as a global citizen and steadfast transnational, finding homes in multiple societies and towns, regardless of the more tiresome nationalists in all of them.

I’m grateful for the vision my loved ones and my chosen family provide me, the strength they impart in me to look at all of us as equals, regardless of the arbitrary documents you and I might possess.

Indeed, to nationalists and authoritarians who dare deny the rest of us our fair share of this world; who impose borders and brutality on us global citizens; who impose competition and division on we who want nothing more than to live in peaceful community:

I tell you now and forever that I am grateful for the power vested in my by the love and light of goddesses to claim what is ours by right as citizens of this beautiful earth.

For this world is just as much ours as it is yours.

Look at us as equals and you will receive a hand in friendship.

Mess with us, and that same hand will defend what’s ours with righteous fury.


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