The beauty of a transnational accent to life (TGP Musing 11.5)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 11.5

I adore my transnational accent, beyond just my deeply rich, multilingual, and multicultural tongue.

I am grateful for the increasingly diverse accents and flavors influencing my life and loves in a myriad different ways.

Sus teaches me that egalitarianism, true human solidarity, indeed our very survival as a species, can only exist with a faithful embrace of diversity, difference, and that quintessential human essence that needs both social cooperation and individual creativity.

She teaches me by living it daily.

Thus I’m grateful we’re able to provide worlds and views to our daughter that are anything but insular.

I’m grateful Daya will always grow up in a liberated, multilingual household (it seems to already be working in enhancing her honking brain – scary that she already seems smarter than I ever will be.)

And I’m grateful, always, for the richness of our collective humanity.

It’s not just languages or cultures that I speak about, though they are so very crucial.

It’s a powerfully diverse accent to life itself that carries us through the increasing uncertainty and fearful hatred that’s taken over the geopolitical world around us.

For we are the warrior-healers of tomorrow and the builders of solidarity today.

And we fear no evil.


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