Never-ending gratitude for the moxie of warrior-goddesses (TGP Musing 11.75)


The Gratitude Project (Musing 11.75)

I’m ever grateful for the courage, the resiliency, oh what the heck, the moxie of Sus and Daya (and other great souls who will join our family in the years to come);

Ever-shining lights of liberation they are and will continue to be for humanity’s great leap forward to our matriarchal roots;

As well as our great revolution back to a gender-liberated future;

Moxie we will need to take us there.

And moxie we will need to keep us from regressing.

I’m going to stop saying the word moxie now, as it’s starting to feel a little contrived.

(Which is a good indicator to end this musing…cos the moxie of them warrior-goddesses is anything but contrived.)


via Daily Prompt: Moxie

(Why else would I arbitrarily use the word this many times in a musing? Check out other posts written via the daily prompt by clicking the below link.)



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