I’m grateful I can put myself out there and have writing to peddle (TGP Musing 14.25)


I’m grateful I have a brain that doesn’t shut down, multiple streams and flashes firing off simultaneously till sleep renders it temporarily dormant, albeit with frequent vivid dreams about anything and everything.

Why am I grateful for such a seemingly burdensome organic part of my being, you ask, oh random, mythical person I invent now and then for a segue in my musings?

Well, this brain that doesn’t shut down, occasionally can be directed and put to work, thereby providing me careers, experiences, and adventures across nearly two decades of adultish living.

And perhaps even give me a shot at making a living from peddling various renderings of that never-ever-shutting-down noggin via the written word (and eventually maybe even a YouTube show, who the hell knows?)

All to say that I’m grateful I have no problems telling you…

Buy my latest book (please?)

Fresh off the plane – An immigrant diary (Vol. 1 – Pennsylvania to Baltimore)


(That’s for the Kindle version – if you want a nice, matte-finished paperback, click on this link to get to the e-store: https://www.createspace.com/7359893)

Stay awesome.


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