Is a nurturing nihilism possible?


I must confess that while I have occasionally thought about the concept, I have never really been drawn to nihilism either as a philosophical construct to explore or adopt in an intimate manner. I often end up approaching and thinking about nihilism in roundabout ways.

Vicarious trauma.

Anger at injustice.


When pondering about the multiverse and the non-linearity of time (and the infinite nature of the same).

That last one especially has me come face to face with the possibility that life is indeed devoid of any intrinsic meaning or value. Once you go infinity, that shit just fucks you up, because it means all the good, the evil, our biggest fears, our wildest dreams, everything, has happened, is happening, will happen.

This provides me both peace of mind and depression, occasionally leading to the masochistic comfort of a little nihilism here and there.

While I’ve always felt that nihilism tends to be a convenient escape from dealing with different forms of oppression in and around us, it also has the capacity to provide a bit of a temporary balm to help deal with trauma and suffering. And I believe it will always be temporary because, if past readings and experiences serve me right, distinctly contra-nihilist spiritualities and faiths – of different hues and levels of authoritarianism – eventually tend to take root among folks who’ve encountered high levels of trauma.

A touch of nihilism can nonetheless help in making sense of the senselessness of oppression, even if it is incomplete in and of itself to find peace and happiness unless matched up with other life philosophies in a hearty soul stew.

(Yes, I realize the bucketloads of contradictions in that above sentence – that’s the idea.)

Is a nurturing nihilism then possible?

Adding even greater detail for myself and my own understanding of a world that privileges whiteness, maleness, ableness, heteronormativity, and a host of other socio-cultural constructs…

Is a loving, caring, truly anti-oppressive nihilism possible?

Is it the growth and development of meaning inside us, despite or even because of our possibly meaningless lives?

Meh, UFC is on, I’ll think about this later…


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