The Failed Activist Stand Up Act


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  1. free, solidarity-based, and satire-based fundraising/publicity support for social justice movements and organizers wherever I live (currently in Minneapolis)
  1. free (but will pass a pwyc donations hat around)…solidarity-based…stand-up comedy (and/or emceeing/hosting/filler/balladeer…whatever you need)…for fundraising and publicity…giggles and laughs…people will feel better…family-friendly (useful to request beforehand, but I’m very adept at gauging crowds and adjusting my crassness dial accordingly)…also anti-oppressive – stand up for me is about making people feel better with smiles and guffaws and all that dopamine-inducing shit – i’m all about intersectionality, self-reflection, and liberatory, anti-oppressive, soul-nurturing satire.
  1. any venue, any crowd, any fight for justice, and a guarantee of people leaving smiling, giggling, laughing, and feeling better as a result (or at the very least less angry and scared)…which ultimately means more $$$ for y’all (and more audiences for me to share my funny stories with, which is essentially all I want out of this)
  1. people who laugh a lot have this unique tendency of creaking open their wallets and removing all those lovely foldable-type donations that make fighting for justice and egalitarianism a little more enjoyable.
  1. and free…really (i got a cool, tax-paying day-job and everything, so no worries)
  1. like i said – any venue and any crowd – house parties, events, meetings, get-togethers, functions, happy hours, bbqs, sit-ins, demos, jail…it’s totally up to you…the 2-step process is super simple: (a) we meet up and discuss shit; and then (b) once we’re all on board – just let me know when and where – i’ll show up, everyone will have a wonderful, healing whale of a time, heart strings will be tugged, liberal bleeding hearts will be guilt-tripped, you will get some money/goodwill, and hearts will go abuzz with excitement at the fun way in which your movement is raising cash and awareness, following which i’ll head back home.
  1. you really can take a call after meeting with me, perhaps at one of your core group or staff meetings (as many times as you feel you need for your own comfort), where i would be happy to answer any questions you might have – so you literally have nothing to lose, because my guess is that a fair number of you are overworked, martyr-types…so why not have a failed activist come and cheer you up with his myriad imperfections and monumental follies?
  1. just shoot me an email at – you can also check out my blog (you’re here anyway) for more information on who i am, read articles, and listen to my daily podcasts…hell, make a donation while you’re at it.
  1. i don’t really have anything else to say, but i really like multiples of 3