Anti Oppressive Healing and Organic Liberation


Essays of healing, liberation, and the occasional dollop of satire:

Anti oppressive listening in counselling and therapy

An anti oppressive mental health template for healing and liberation

Healing while fighting the good fight to be free

Healing from the trauma of injustice and dehumanization

Understanding the idea of control to liberate ourselves from anxiety and despair

Yes, you can live on love and fresh air (it’ll just be a very short and happy life)

A soulful sensory-based mindfulness exercise

Healing from work

A liberatory but deeply unsure exploration of suicide

An ode to a good dump and a grouchy fuck of a grandfather

Make note of these 6 types of condescending co-workers (and reject their snot by laughing at them behind their backs)

Healing from an America obsessed with Donald Trump

6 things men can do to be better human beings on public transit

Progressives who emerge from conservative families (and how one might heal from the heartbreak)

What if the refugees were white?

There is a sickness running through our society

Liberating oneself from racist animal slurs by invoking the pure souls of the animals themselves

9 reasons why women and trans people are superior to men

Oh, I see the problem – it’s the male ego (sorry it took me so long)

Why are men so scared of real love?

Super Satchel Man: the powerless social worker – Ready to bang his impotent head on the brick wall of injustice

The healing power of community (and other irritating things I learnt on my recent vacation)

Being in love with a brilliant freedom fighter

My transnational accent: spawned out of a lot of cultural crazy

If we have to sell our labor let’s find ways to make it more tolerable

Building community and family one relationship at a time

Bubbles the awesome tabby who ushered in the sweet demise of my anthropocentrism

The day we welcomed Daya Shakti into our lives

Loss (and subsequent reconnection)

The Valley that stole my heart

A Mothers Day rant

Dear daughter – I’m sorry for my failures (but know that I won’t fail you)

Dear daughter, this world we’ve brought you into…

Why I believe all Indians should support Kashmir’s liberation

A brief thought on Dravidian matriarchal spirituality

What is it that makes babies so spiritually powerful?

Fathers who don’t fear love – the Aka community of central Africa (and other hunter-gatherers)

I don’t have the time or patience for men who fear love, liberation, and struggle