Day in the life of the happiest guy


sri - palestine

Contrary to what the above over-a-decade-old picture might suggest – I am surrounded by love, joy, and healing in my life. So I talk about that in live podcasts as often as I can because it just adds to the beauty of it all. As the show title alludes to with great subtlety, this is a day in the life of the happiest guyand I can’t stop talking…

Each show is around 15 minutes long. All of them are archived with the links listed below. They can also be downloaded as mp3s. You can listen to any one of them since they’re all stand-alone episodes. They’re also recorded quite infrequently due to the time that living one’s life can take, but I will always strive to keep it going as regularly as I can.

Latest first…so it’ll hopefully be among the better ones at the top always:

April 11, 2016 update: I am taking a brief sabbatical from the show as I focus on being the best parent I can be to my amazing little goddess of a daughter (4 weeks old today, yay!), while still continuing to produce essays for the blog and finish up a couple of different book projects. But I’ll be back soon! In the meantime, please check out past episodes below.

Freeing ourselves from oppression while finding love, community and joy (March 2, 2016 – Podcast 24)

Freeing ourselves from oppression while staying healthy and happy (Feb 24, 2016 – Podcast 23)

Fighting the good fight to be free (Feb 17, 2016 – Podcast 22)

Converting post-traumatic stress to post-traumatic growth with your warrior soul (Feb 7, 2016 – Podcast 21)

Healing from the trauma of injustice and dehumanization with a liberated soul (Jan 25, 2016 – Podcast 20)

An ode to my warrior goddess of a soulmate and partner (Jan 17, 2016 – Podcast 19)

Upholding responsibilities to loved ones – fighting internalized patriarchy (Jan 10, 2016 – Podcast 18)–fighting-internalized-patriarchy

On community, family, and all that love crap – aka Wading Through BS (Dec 6, 2015 – Podcast 17)–aka-wading-through-bs

Destroying the male ego to find love, happiness and freedom – Podcast 16 (Oct 4, 2015 – Podcast 16)–podcast-16

Why women & trans people are our only hope – Ep 1 – That loving spirit (Sept 28, 2015 – Podcast 15)–that-loving-spirit-podcast-15

Honoring the gender-free divine feminine (Sept 25, 2015 – Podcast 14)–podcast-14

Today a loved one felt joy…also HONORING THE REAL STONEWALL (Sept 22, 2015 – Podcast 13)–podcast-13

Bathurst United and Liberating Spirituality (Sept 21, 2015 – Podcast 12)–podcast-12

California cops and the brutish cowardice of state mercenaries (Sept 18, 2015 – Podcast 11)–podcast-11

Sept 17, 2015 – Podcast 10 – Hail the Midwives Collective of Toronto (& midwifery in general)–podcast-10

Sept 16, 2015 – Podcast 9 – Wow, so today I met a couple of homophobic assholes.–podcast-9–day-in

Sept 15, 2015 – Podcast 8 – OMG I did stand up open mic for the first time!–podcast-8–day-in-the-life

Sept 14, 2015 – Podcast 7 – Daily forms of oppression we fight alongside our loved ones–podcast-7–day

Sept 13, 2015 – Podcast 6 – Making a practical commitment to love and liberation–podcast-6–day-in-1

Sept 12, 2015 – Podcast 5 – Why liberation with love?–podcast-5–why-liberation-with-love

Sept 11, 2015 – Podcast 4 – Who do you see when you die?–podcast-4–who-do-you-see-when-you-die

Sept 10, 2015 – Podcast 3 – Seeking love and liberation–podcast-3–seeking-love-and-liberation

Sept 9, 2015 – Podcast 2 – Breaking it down–podcast-2–breaking-it-down

Sept 8, 2015 – Podcast 1 – Why I’m the happiest guy–podcast-1–why-im-the-happiest-guy


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