My name is Shree Varuna aka Warrior Clown aka Sriram Ananthanarayanan aka whatever else strikes my need to control my identity.

Welcome to my blog, Love|Liberation|Struggle.

I’m a mama elephant in training and failed activist turned community jester. I lead a spiritually liberating intercontinental life alongside the two greatest human beings on earth, Sus and Daya – the great loves of my life. Completing my family are a gargantuan St Bernese puppy named Molly, a genius tabby named Faiz, his rogue of a brother, Rumi (roaming the spirit world since May 2018 on account of one too many adventures), and my own younger brother, Vaddu (roaming the spirit world since October 2004 for the exact same reason).

All my very best friends.

The overwhelming bulk of my time and labor is devoted to the sustenance and nurturing of my family, while building a larger community of friends and loved ones.

The rest of my time is spent working out, loafing about, conducting pop culture research, and blogging. I have dreams of getting back to combat sports, organizing, and other soulful shit.

I’ve been haphazardly running Love|Liberation|Struggle since March 2014 and hope to keep at it for as long as I can.

Currently it’s focused on short musings and streams of consciousness that satisfy my occasional need to write and have random souls bear witness to my ramblings.

Links to some focused series tags are given below. The later ones tend to be the series that has my attention, but I often return to earlier ones. Some early ones are cross-linked with due apologies, but the taxonomy for this blog is a perpetual learning curve to be traversed (I wish I could archive previous versions of this front page just to see how it’s changed over the years):

Health | Healing | Happiness

Essays from an immigrant diary

Anti Oppressive Healing and Liberation

The Gratitude Project

Training Diary

Once you’re done with that, do peruse my latest books…written under a variety of pseudonyms as you will notice:

Fresh off the plane – An immigrant diary (Vol. 1 Pennsylvania to Baltimore)

Kindle version:

Paperback version:

Soothe that aching soul (with love and the green goddess):

Kindle and paperback:

Seeking the Wild Ones (sci-fi poetry)

Kindle and paperback:

Across the Sabarmati – an autobiographical novel

Kindle and paperback version:

Also feel free to check out a past, experimental podcast series, recorded live (and thus quite amateurishly), hosted on Blog Talk Radio.

Day in the life of the happiest guy

And if you’re a social justice-type activist or organizer or something, then you might be interested in knowing about:

The Failed Activist Stand Up Act

(free, solidarity-based, and satire-based fundraising/publicity support for social justice movements and organizers wherever I live – currently Minneapolis)

Consider following the blog if you want to receive the latest musings in your inbox.

Much peace and love to you all…

A small PS:

All this creative output is quite the labor of love. So, while I will always endeavor for everything I create/produce to be available free of cost to everyone, I wouldn’t say no to a few bucks (or you can just buy my books).

If you’d like to contribute a little something (via PayPal), I’d be ever so grateful:

If not, no worries, please still peruse away.

Email me at:

I am Shree Varuna, Warrior Clown, I fight for love and try to make people smile – hear me meow.


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  1. Peace Brotha, it was so great to meet you, your partner and beautiful daughter at the Take Action event. As promise, I am connecting with your blog and hopefully we can build together. Loving the title and the concept!!!!!! I would love to stay in contact.

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