On pain faced by loved ones (TGP Musing 9)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 9

It has taken a lot of soul searching to get to this point in my life.

Most importantly it has required an often sobering self-critique of masculinity’s innate need for power and control…

I finally know now, and am grateful for the knowledge, that no matter how hard I try I cannot save my loved ones from the inevitability of life’s myriad stresses and traumas.

But I have always known, and am far more grateful for the knowledge, that the love we share is infinitely more powerful and enduring than the pain we will steel through.

(Good wine, smashing food, and the teachings of the green goddess definitely help along the way.)

The warrior-appa who fends and fights (TGP Musing 8)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 8

Thank all the goddesses, I will always be grateful for the ability to fend for my loves.

I am further grateful for opportunities to fend for my loved ones in ways that push me with authentic, rewarding challenges – and because such challenges often require a motivation that is beyond that of just the self, I’m bloody grateful I have that too.

For I am a warrior-appa and I will never, ever stop fending for my great loves, because they deserve at least that much and more for putting up with my bumbling ways.

The love pushes me past the pain barriers such challenges can bring with them…allowing me to proudly slug my way across the frontiers of domestic capitalism.

(With Sus’ permission of course.)

On strong bodies and able souls (TGP Musing 7)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 7

I’m grateful to witness real strength and glorious ability;

Not the macho kind that masks asshat fragility.

But the power to nurture beyond gender utility,

Ultimately vanquishing our sterile human hostility…

(For the wild-of-soul always thrive over those of anthro gentility.)



(To fight the good fight with love and safety – TGP Musing 6.5)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 6.5

I’m grateful for sweaty workouts and every glorious morning;

For laughing toddlers who only occasional start bawling;

For shade-covered reflections under summer awnings;

(Your patience as I attempt to valorize silly scrawlings.)

Salaam all us lucky loved ones who keep on trucking after falling…

Opportunities to redeem oneself with my glorious love, the great matriarch (TGP Musing 6)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 6

I am so very grateful that I can continue to redeem myself with my great love for the shortcomings I possess by offering a massage and home cooked meal to comfort her annoyed heart.

Further grateful that she possesses, like other great matriarchs in world history, superhuman patience as she guides me on this whole parenting shebang. After all, she has to deal with my dude shit for no other fault of hers other than the unfortunate kismat of me being her baby daddy (thankfully the kid takes after her mother).

I guess that’s how a chest-thumping man-child keeps on trucking…

The realization this world is yours and mine (TGP Musing 5.5)


The Gratitude Project – Musing 5.5

I’m grateful for always standing tall as a global citizen and steadfast transnational, finding homes in multiple societies and towns, regardless of the more tiresome nationalists in all of them.

I’m grateful for the vision my loved ones and my chosen family provide me, the strength they impart in me to look at all of us as equals, regardless of the arbitrary documents you and I might possess.

Indeed, to nationalists and authoritarians who dare deny the rest of us our fair share of this world; who impose borders and brutality on us global citizens; who impose competition and division on we who want nothing more than to live in peaceful community:

I tell you now and forever that I am grateful for the power vested in my by the love and light of goddesses to claim what is ours by right as citizens of this beautiful earth.

For this world is just as much ours as it is yours.

Look at us as equals and you will receive a hand in friendship.

Mess with us, and that same hand will defend what’s ours with righteous fury.